Birding in Spain

Andalucian Guides

This long-time client of ours was interested in re-orienting the web presence of his birding tour company. Aside from offering bird watching tours, they were interested in offering high-resolution nature photography as well.

During the birding tours that Andalucian Guides offers, the client has been able to photograph thousands of wild birds, mammals, insects and beautiful natural surroundings. It occurred to them that as an additional bonus, they could make these images available on their website, categorized, and ready for download in high resolution. Rather than lock these images in a light-box system and charge a fixed price for each image, they wished to offer them for free and simply ask for a donation in return.

As is our usual process, we began sketching out ideas of how the interface should be laid out and then proceeded to create design compositions for the client to review and approve. We used clean and semantic markup to organize the sites content and CSS and Javascript in a progressive enhancement approach keeping content, presentation and behavior clearly separated.

We used ExpressionEngine to supply the client with an easy to use, yet powerful content management system which could be expanded upon to meet their current and future needs with additional modules. We also included a series of screen-cast videos within the content management system, which included step-by-step instructions on how to perform the necessary tasks to manage the websites content.

Services Provided
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Video Tutorials