Dinghy Sailing Team Logos

Escuela de Vela Theresa Zabell

Being that Michael is such a sailing buff he couldn’t say no to the local sailing school’s request for us to design logos for their children’s Laser and Optimist teams. We decided to go ahead do this one gratis and get us a little good karma.

The municipal sailing school in our town of Rota was running a bit low on funds but they wanted to have team logos made to help boost morale with the kids and in the process maybe sell a T-shirt or two for people who sign up for classes.

After throwing around a few ideas we decided to play with the visual similarities of a sail and a shark fin. Every good team logo has a mascot and the shark fit the bill perfectly, it’s aggressive, and lives in the water. Perfect! We explained the simple idea we came up with to the school they loved it, so we began sketching out ideas.

The design needed to adapt to the different classes of sailboats the school had so we made sure the ‘fin’ could be swapped out for the different and recognizable sail types of each boat. We suggested that the shirts be black and colored the logos with red and yellow tones to make it look real bad-ass. Needless to say the kids loved the design ;)

Services Provided
  • Logo Design
  • T-Shirt Design