La Casa del Califa

Grupo Califa

The redesign of the Hotel La Casa del Califa website in Vejer de la Frontera gave us the opportunity to incorporate new elements and functionalities that did not exist back in 2001 when the initial site was created.

It’s been almost a decade since we first launched the hotels original website and after all of that time, the site was beginning to show its age. Styles and technology advance and we wanted to incorporate many of these new advancements into the new site without deviating too much from the original design which the client was happy with. The first thing we did was adapt the design to the higher screen resolutions of today. This affects not only the width of the site but also the typography, positioning, and the white space that harmonizes the design.

We incorporated the Google Maps API to display the location of the hotel and also offer users a way to create “routes” to the hotel based on their point of origin, which could be printed and used as a driving guide to the hotel. We applied some updates to the sites image galleries and room descriptions page to help communicate the unique quality of the hotel and it’s surroundings.

Since the client opened this first hotel, he has had the good fortune of being able to open two additional hotels in the area and wished to use a uniform style to unite them under one banner without detracting from each hotels unique qualities. We modified the design to be used on the other two hotel sites and used color schemes to help differentiate them.

Services Provided
  • Website Design
  • Website Development