Hotel Logo Design

Hotel La Espadaña

The Hotel La Espadaña located in Rota Spain, was in need of a new logo. They felt their initial brand was not very representative of the quality service they offered, so we were brought in to design and implement a more professional brand.

Part of the problem of their existing brand was the use of too many colors. Not only does this make a brand less recognizable and less effective as a logo, it is also not very cost effective when having to reproduce it in print. We started out visiting the establishment to get an idea of the “character” of the hotel and selecting a series of color swatches we thought were representative of the decor and overall vibe of the hotel. Two colors were selected to represent the cosy feel of the establishment; a light red ochre and a contrasting clean light blue to represent the hotels location near the ocean.

The very characteristic belfry of the hotels facade is in fact where the hotel gets its name from (“La Espadaña”), so we began sketching out designs based on photographs we had taken of it to create a clean yet recognizable design element which could be used within the logo as well as on its own as an emblem.

The next step was to move on to the typographical aspects by selecting a series of fonts that were elegant, yet easy to read and reproduce at small sizes. We settled on Trajan as a main display font with its elegant yet discreet serifs and Caslon as a secondary and body font for use in their printed materials.

After designing a few comps the client was happy with the results and we began perfecting the selected design and making sure it worked well in black and white, reversed in white, one color, two colors, and ultimately two colors and black. We created various configurations of the logo which could be used in various situations and packaged the entire project with a style guide including guidelines of usage to help the client retain an overall uniform brand.

Services Provided
  • Logo Design
  • Style Guide