Boutique Hotel Website

Hotel La Espadaña

The La Espadaña Hotel were interested in revamping their online presence after we completed their corporate image makeover. They were also interested in a simple custom solution to manage reservation availability on their site.

We really enjoy taking on projects that not only supply our clients with a great marketing tool or online point of sales, but also help redefine and sharpen their corporate image. Being that we were responsible for the clients recent branding makeover, we were called upon to totally revamp their existing website to match the branding guidelines we had set for them, as well as provide additional functionality.

With a list of client requirements in hand, we began producing wireframes to layout the site and position elements in a logical manner. After we had a solid layout plan, we began creating design compositions of the public facing interface as well as the custom built availability administration area.

Being that the La Espadaña is a small “boutique” hotel, the primary task of the availability management system would be to allow the clients staff to easily mark the specific dates a room was occupied and display these results in calendar format in the public reservation request form where users could select “open” dates to reserve. We accomplished this with the use of the CFWheels Coldfusion Framework as a base for the server side coding and extensive use of the jQuery Javascript library for interaction on both the client side and administration area.

Being that this is a hotel website, we also were required to create a dynamic system that would work in multiple languages with the ability to add more languages in the future if necessary.

Services Provided
  • Interface Design
  • Web Development
  • Custom CMS
  • Hosting