Retail Branding

Stock Outlet Company

The Stock Outlet Company is a group of stores that sell discount items from top quality clothing brands such as D&G, Replay, Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani. They needed decorative panels and sinage to be designed.

The association of stores had a well defined style guide to work from but outside of the typical specifications (colors, typography and logo placement), we were given free reign to explore different types of imagery and design motifs.

We started off with the interior decorative panels that would be used throughout the store which ranged from french fashion style silhouettes, vectorized images and photographs of models trying on clothing. Since the primary market for this particular store is women's clothing, we decided on a more floral motif for most of the panels.

Once the panels were designed, we were also requested to design the sinage of the stores facade. After taking some measurements and making a quick architectural model of the facade in Google Sketchup, we began designing the retro-illuminated storefront sign taking into account the buildings wiring, facade structure and legal size limitations, since the store is located on the ground floor of a residential building.

Services Provided
  • Interior Panel Design
  • Backlit Sinage Design