Interface Design


Through the ad agency Signature Advertising based out of Memphis, we were hired to work on an interface design for FedEx’s internal video catalog website. The project also required we design the interface of the mobile based version as well.

After receiving a brief of the project’s requirements and rough sketches of the proposed interface, we began fleshing out the ideas and creating mockups in Photoshop. We were informed that the application would be used at FedEx on a global scale and the aesthetic should reflect that. It was a refreshing job for us as we were only required to create the design comps in Photoshop which would later be used by Flash developers to create the application.

The initial job description required we just design the main interface layout, however once we sent out the design comps for approval the client liked them so much they asked us to work on the layout for a version specifically adapted to mobile devices, as well as to design and develop a video voting application in Flash. Needless to say we were thrilled.

We are not well known for our work in Flash however, we do use it to augment our creations in HTML/CSS and also use the Adobe Flex SDK regularly to build complex web application interfaces and dashboards, but we are always up for a challenge. We fired up Flash on our workstations and developed the video voting application interface as well as the PHP/MySQL back end in just a few days, and much to the clients delight, right on budget.

Services Provided
  • Interface Design
  • Flash Programming